Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The season just never ends here on the 3rd Coast as a small-ish contingent of HUP Michigan gathered for the Valentine's Weekend SnowCross Race. This time around the unrideable mud was gone - replaced w/ frozen ruts, fresh snow and plenty o' ice. Crashes were the order of the day and I doubt anyone escaped w/out having a chance to examine the ground @ close range. Lotsa fun and once again the post-race party was not to be missed!

HUP Results:

Bart VanderHammer - 2nd B's
MC - 6th B's (after an early crash that left him DFL goin' into the first turn)
CD - 7th B's
Mossimo - 8th B's

At this point there are no more races on the horizon 'til Fall. (Sigh). Looking forward to the Barry-Roubaix Dirt Road Race next month - there'll be some HUP noise to be made there!


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