Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you are in the neighborhood...

In April I'll be travelling up to North Carolina for 4 days of riding (April 7-10). I wanted to invite any HUP folks who might be around that area to join me. All rides will be at "Gentlemen's Pace" so these are not races or anything. If you'd like to come down for one day that's cool too.

Here are the rides in case you are interested.

Wednesday: Northern Hill Route--around 55 miles/6100ft total elevation--starts from Asheville, NC. This ride contains some dirt roads and for a short distance is very challenging.

Thursday: Asheville-Hot Springs-Asheville--
(75 miles) One climb, mostly flat and very scenic.

Friday: The Queen Stage--Rapha's Continental Road Ride-- which is around (105 miles ). Incredible 10 mile climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and and an optional ascent of Mt. Mitchell on the way back to Asheville. Very, very scenic. Great write up on Rapha's website.

Saturday: French Broad River-Graveyard Fields--around 60 miles but half downhill. A nice way to end the trip.

Each ride will be around 17-18mph pace and include a lunch stop. Lodging will be in Asheville. Let me know if you are around that area or want to come down even if it for just one day, it should be great. Lots of good food and beer in Asheville.


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zack said...

Check the parkway weather ahead of time...still up high it's closed to cars(great) but snow makes it so you cant ride at the mt. mitchell turnoff. Or call liberty bikes and ask....(this was as of last weekend)

Tons of great riding in the Saluda area, plenty hard, and the weather is sunnier on that side of the mountains. Plus you can do Big George's favorite routes.

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