Sunday, February 7, 2010

Service Course Clean Out

Hup Service Course moved four Seattle blocks last month, and seems like enough kit has gathered to do a post. Please email me for availability and pricing if you are interested. I'll honor emails in the order they roll in. Some gems in there.....Blue sublimated leg warmers (perhaps the most PRO Hup piece to date), a few Blanco rarities like SS Skinsuit and KAOS vest, and some LS Skinsuits in NOIR.

Limited Edition

*Musette Bag (3)
*Blanco Cap (2)

*SS Jersey: Small (2)
*Bib: Medium (1)
*Sublimated leg warmers: Small, Large
*Sublimated Wind-tex Bootie: Small


*Roubaix arm warmers, black w/white logo: XS (4), Small (1), Medium (2)
*Roubaix leg warmers, black w/white logo: XS (2), Small (2)
*Bib: Small, Medium (2)
*SS Jersey: Small (2), XL
*LS Skinsuit: Small, Medium (2)

*SS Jersey: Small, Medium, Large
*KAOS Vest: thinest, lightest, windproof vest offered. No pockets: Medium
*Bib: Large
*Arm warmers with black logo: Small
*SS Skinsuit: Medium


TYLER said...

I would really love to Rock and Rep the hupsters. What do you guys have left for kits?


Jim said... too - i'd love to rep Hup in there any gear left in medium/large???