Monday, January 18, 2010


Well - it didn't take too long into the new year and decade for the West Michigan Hup contingent to chamois up and start handing it out. Just 16 days into 'aught 10 we have our 1st win of the season!

The Versluis Snowcross takes place @ an apple orchard and is known for the traditionally muddy conditions and the big party on the garage afterwards. Both proved irresitable to myself, Mossimo, Mike Koetsier, Doez and Kaat and a-snowcrossing we did go. The course was pretty much 50/50 sticky mud and glare ice so tire pressures and other little details were less of a focus than scoping out the myriad pots of chili, soups and other post-race treats.

Nonetheless - in the B race Mike K slayed all to finish atop the field w/ Moss in 9th and your reporter in 11th. Doez decided to start drinking early and Kaat rolled over the line in 7th place in the C race.

The next one is in 4 weeks - stayed tuned.


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