Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The season just never ends here on the 3rd Coast as a small-ish contingent of HUP Michigan gathered for the Valentine's Weekend SnowCross Race. This time around the unrideable mud was gone - replaced w/ frozen ruts, fresh snow and plenty o' ice. Crashes were the order of the day and I doubt anyone escaped w/out having a chance to examine the ground @ close range. Lotsa fun and once again the post-race party was not to be missed!

HUP Results:

Bart VanderHammer - 2nd B's
MC - 6th B's (after an early crash that left him DFL goin' into the first turn)
CD - 7th B's
Mossimo - 8th B's

At this point there are no more races on the horizon 'til Fall. (Sigh). Looking forward to the Barry-Roubaix Dirt Road Race next month - there'll be some HUP noise to be made there!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Service Course Clean Out

Hup Service Course moved four Seattle blocks last month, and seems like enough kit has gathered to do a post. Please email me for availability and pricing if you are interested. zac@hupunited.com I'll honor emails in the order they roll in. Some gems in there.....Blue sublimated leg warmers (perhaps the most PRO Hup piece to date), a few Blanco rarities like SS Skinsuit and KAOS vest, and some LS Skinsuits in NOIR.

Limited Edition

*Musette Bag (3)
*Blanco Cap (2)

*SS Jersey: Small (2)
*Bib: Medium (1)
*Sublimated leg warmers: Small, Large
*Sublimated Wind-tex Bootie: Small


*Roubaix arm warmers, black w/white logo: XS (4), Small (1), Medium (2)
*Roubaix leg warmers, black w/white logo: XS (2), Small (2)
*Bib: Small, Medium (2)
*SS Jersey: Small (2), XL
*LS Skinsuit: Small, Medium (2)

*SS Jersey: Small, Medium, Large
*KAOS Vest: thinest, lightest, windproof vest offered. No pockets: Medium
*Bib: Large
*Arm warmers with black logo: Small
*SS Skinsuit: Medium